Diligent Garage Door: Garage Door Won’t Open or Close with Remote Control

Don’t you just love the invention of the remote control? You don’t have to move much to get things done. At the push of a button, you can change the channel on your TV, or you can get your garage door open. Does convenience get any better than that? No wonder so many people are buying items that come with remote control options.

But, hey! What happens when that remote control starts acting up? Have you ever experienced a remote control for a garage door that is unable to operate the door? Talk about inconvenience! It’s a good thing that there are garage door repair companies like Diligent Garage Door in Sandy Springs, GA. No matter what is wrong with that remote control, a garage door technician can take a look and resolve it.

Whether it means getting a new remote or just some repairs to the existing one, you can use a remote control to operate your garage door again. But first, you have to be able to figure out what has gone wrong with the remote.

When Remotes Go Bad

Don’t you just love the warning messages that your remote control gives before it decides to stop working completely? If only they really did this. it’s such an inconvenience when you realize that, out of nowhere, with no warning whatsoever, your remote control no longer works. You had gotten so used to using it, now it feels so weird to have to open your garage door manually. Although it may feel like it, it is surely not the end of the world.

Many people operate their garage doors manually. It doesn’t mean that you should have to do that too. But, until you can get a new remote or repair the one you had, this may be a very good alternative. If only you had realized how convenient it was to have a remote control for your garage door. Maybe you would have taken better care of it.

You don’t have to wait until your remote control goes bad to say what if. Take good care of your remote control while it is still in good working order. It may last for a much longer time if you do.

Do You Know What’s Wrong with Your Remote Control?

If your remote control is unable to operate your garage door, it is highly likely that there is something wrong with the remote itself. But, there could also be something wrong with the garage door. It is important that you have them both checked out to see where the problem lies.

Here are some of the most common problems that may be causing the garage door not to open or close.

  • The batteries in the remote control are dead

    Before you check anything else, the first thing that you should determine is the status of the batteries that you have in your remote control. Dead batteries are the most common cause of a remote control that does not work. If the batteries are dead, once you replace them, the garage door should open or close when you use the remote. If the batteries were not the problem, obviously, you will still be in the same predicament. But, there are other things you can check for.

  • Your remote control is damaged

    A lot of people do not treat their remote control with care. You may use it to entertain a small child, constantly drop it or you just have very little regard for the conditions that it is kept in. Without proper care, your remote control can stop working at any time. Whether it is the sensor in the remote or some other area on the circuit board that gets damaged, you may be looking at performing repairs to that device. Sometimes, it may be damaged beyond repair and the only solution is to replace it. Either way, you will end up having a remote control that is able to operate your garage door.

  • The manual lock is turned on

    Do you have a manual lock on your garage door? Did you forget to unlock it? If you leave it locked, your garage door won’t move. Make sure that you disengage that lock before you attempt to open the garage door. If this is the cause of your problem, your remote control will work well once it has been unlocked. Otherwise, you will have to continue checking for the problem.

  • There is something blocking the path of your garage door

    Before you attempt to open or close your garage door, it is important that you check the pathway to make sure that there is nothing blocking it. Although you may look underneath the door and see that it is clear and free from obstruction, you may forget to check the tracks. If there is debris or any object in the tracks of the garage door, it may not open or close. Check carefully to make sure you do not miss anything.

  • You have a broken spring

    Spring damage may also cause your garage door to remain open or close. It may seem like your remote control is unable to open the door, but in fact, the door will just not be opened unless you do it manually. If you end up having a broken spring, you will have to call a professional to get it replaced or repaired. But, knowing what is wrong may help to speed up the process as you may be able to skip the diagnosis aspect of the repair job.

There are many garage door repair services across the country. No matter what state or city you live in, there will be a competent and reliable technician in your area to help you with any problem that your garage door will give you. If you’re in Georgia, your best bet is to call Diligent Garage Door in Sandy Springs, GA. We have years of experience in the industry and we offer just about every garage door service that you can imagine.