Diligent Garage Door is your local, one stop shop for high quality garage door spring repair. We take your tired and worn out springs and add new life to them. Our repair service is safely done, highly professional and very affordable. All work is done at your convenience and we even provide warranty protection and 24-hour emergency help. If one or both of your springs are too badly worn, we can replace them with new ones. Diligent Garage Door offers a fast return to reliable garage door use along with money savings and peace of mind.

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  • Is your car stuck inside your garage because you can’t get the door to open?
  • Is your garage door hanging with a lopsided twist?
  • Does your raised garage door swing back and forth when touched?
  • Did your garage door start to rise but then suddenly fall back down?
  • Did you hear a loud bang when your garage door started to lift?

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Garage door spring repair should NOT be attempted by the untrained, inexperienced or by those lacking tools. This can be dangerous work as springs are tightly wound metal and used to lifting hundreds of pounds of metal or wood several times daily for years. Diligent Garage Door should be called as we are expert and very experienced in this field. We offer:

The solution for damaged garage door springs is to call Diligent Garage Door and let our spring experts restore new life into yours.

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